Advance Acoustic X-i90 Integrated Amplifier


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Advance Acoustic X-i90 Integrated Amplifier is a solution if you are looking for luxurious touch audiophile amplifier within your budget.

The integrated amplifier X-i90 is the second model of the new X-Line range. Its sober and pure cosmetics gives it a luxurious and timeless touch.

Technically new and decidedly audiophile design, the integrated amplifier X-i90 will delight for budget conscious music lovers wanting to maximise their investment.

Equipped with eight power transistors, the integrated amplifier X-i90 delivers a power of 2 x 90 watts into 8 Ohms and its High Bias "Class'A" function will allow it to supply easily most of the loudspeakers found on the market.

Offering a DAC, and various analog inputs, the X-i90 will enable to meet the consumers demand.

Its complete remote control device will make it easier to use.

Features :-

  • Toroidal Transformer
  • Cirrus Logic Cx 8416 Converter
  • Burr Brown PCM 2900 Converter
  • Phono Input (MM)
  • 3 Digital Inputs

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