Audiolab 8200MB Mono Amplifier Pair


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Audiolab 8200MB Mono Amplifier Pair is an advanced single-channel power amplifier capable of partnering loudspeakers of the highest calibre. With a rating of 250W, it is designed to deliver high power with ultra-low distortion

In terms of sound quality, the 8200MB is an exceptional performer. Its high current ability enables it to drive the toughest of loads; even the most difficult speakers are driven cleanly without the loss of dynamics. The supreme neutrality that characterises Audiolab hi-fi components shines through, coupled to effortless reserves of current to call upon whenever required, so all you hear is the music – pure and unrestrained.

Supplying a choice of both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs, the 8200MB is a power amplifier of enormous ability. Anyone seeking a flexible, compact, high-power mono-block for a stereo or multichannel system need look no further.

Features :-
  • Magnetic flux isolation
  • Aluminium panel construction
  • 12-volt trigger standby
  • High current to drive difficult loads
  • Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs

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