Audiolab M-One Stereo Integrated Amplifier


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Audiolab M-One Stereo Integrated Amplifier features high-fidelity Digital-to-analogue converter with wireless connection and music playback. The M-One powers 2 speakers up to 60 Watts and takes audio sources from both digital and analogue sources.

The Audiolab M-ONE is a high-performance integrated amplifier and DAC with Bluetooth. With technology stemming from multi-award winning products, including the M-DAC and 8300 series the M-ONE is a true high-fidelity DAC and amplifier in one convenient system.

The on-board electronics utilise the ESS9018 K2M DAC. This is surrounded by signature Audiolab circuitry including a proprietary, discrete master clock to minimise jitter, coupled with extensive time domain isolation. Using the highest quality components for the output stage ensures that the audio signal, following conversion from the digital domain to analogue, is of a high standard. Using audiophile grade class AB amplification M-ONE generates up to 60 Watts at 4 Ohms; ample power for small to medium hi-fi speakers.

While Audiolab engineers have equipped the M-ONE with sufficient inputs and components to ensure ease of use and quality, the new integrated amplifier also includes 3 PCM filters and 4 DSD filters. As digital audio reproduction technology has progressed, digital filters are now more important than ever and allow users to enhance performance varying on personal taste, playback resolution and playback device.

Like all Audiolab products, the M-One evokes a simplistic yet modern styling with a focus on ease of use. The OLED display window is centrally positioned and flanked by two rotary controls, one to adjust volume and the other to select settings. Available in our fine textured Aluminium finish (black and silver), the M-ONE will fit beautifully into any living space.

Features :-
  • 60 Watts per Channel
  • DAC: ESS Sabre32 9018 K2M
  • Coaxial and Toslink Optical Inputs
  • USB Type-B input for PC/MAC
  • USB Type-A inputs for Apple iOS Devices
  • Bluetooth playback (aptX)

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