BenQ LK970 4K Installation Laser Projector

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BenQ LK970 4K Installation Laser Projector

Long Lasting, Supreme Image Quality from 4K BlueCore Laser Technology. Precisely visualizing 8.3 million distinct pixels, BenQ LK970 4K Laser Projector brings together true 4K UHD detail and the power of maintenance-free BlueCore laser light source. Ideal for entertainment simulators and gallery exhibitions, LK970 generates supreme picture quality to reproduce true-to-life images for totally immersive experiences for audiences. Offering up to 20,000 hours of perfect performance, LK970's flexible installation features such as H/V lens shift, big zoom, 360° projection and portrait capability make it a versatile projector perfect for diverse venues.

Features :-

  • Long Lasting, Supreme Image Quality
  • Finely-Craft Optical Lens for High-Resolution Image Clarity
  • High-Precision 16-Element 8-Group Lens Array Guarantees Stable Image Quality
  • Flawless Optics for the Best Color Performance and Picture Quality
  • Superb Image Detail and Color Integrity from DLP Technology
  • Dual Color Wheels for Optimal Color Performance
  • DLP Technology for Lasting Vibrant Color
  • Optimize Image Quality with 4K Image Amplifying Technology
  • Laser-Enabled Ultra-High Contrast

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