Definitive Technology ProSub 800 8-Inch Compact Subwoofer


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Definitive Technology ProSub 800 8 Inch Compact Subwoofer delivers 300 watts of deep bass response.

Big Beefy Bass

The Low-Frequency Effects of a movie's soundtrack bring excitement, realism and just plain fun to action, adventure and sci-fi movies. Accurate reproduction of the bottom octaves of all music, especially pipe organ, symphonic and rock add that last touch to bring you true you-are-there realism to your listening. Worry not, Definitive has bass down pat. The ProSub 800 features a 300 Watt amplifier driving a high excursion 8-inch front-mounted direct-radiating woofer that is pressure-coupled to an 8 inch Low Bass radiator on the bottom of the enclosure. The net radiating area of the ProSub 800 is 27% greater than a single 10-inch woofer but with better speed, pitch definition and control.

When you listen to any of Definitive Technology's award-winning ProSub powered subwoofers, you will discover true state-of-the-art bass performance, extending down well beyond the limits of audibility into the range of purely physical subsonic energy that shakes the body and stirs the soul. This has long been the most exciting, sought after and rarest of audio achievements, and now it is yours for a remarkably reasonable price.

Features :-
  • The perfect companion for music and Home Theatre systems
  • Active 8-inch high excursion woofer pressure coupled to an 8-inch bottom-mounted low bass radiator for massive bass with superior speed, control and detail
  • Completely Adjustable Electronic Crossovers Assure a Perfect Match to Your System and Room
  • A Full Range of Inputs and Outputs Facilitates Easy Hookup of Your Definitive Subwoofer to Any System
  • Front-side-mounted volume control makes adjustments fast and easy
  • The compact size makes it easy to fit in any room
  • Rock Solid Non-Resonant Cabinets Ensure Pure Low Distortion Response
  • The Ultimate in Bass Performance for Maximum Enjoyment from Your Music and Movies

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