Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifier


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Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifiers delivers a superior sound quality incorporating advanced circuitry that greatly enhances the reproduction of sound to achieve original quality. The PMA-720AE is built with advanced and smart technology in its beautiful design and Denon's Direct Mechanical Ground Construction.

Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifiers is equipped with an Advanced HC (High-Current) Single Push-Pull Circuit that enforces Denon’s design concept for pure audio amplification. This design ensures that you hear delicate musical details, reliably supported by plenty of power. Playback faithful to the original sound is also made possible by a circuit board layout that can handle the greater power from the amplifier section and appropriately respond to the output level and unique character of the signal. In addition, the internal construction of the PMA-720AE has been carefully designed to prevent unwanted vibration from adversely affecting the audio signal.

Main transformer with separate power supplies for analogue and digital circuits

The coiled wire of the power transformer for the audio signal and control circuits has been separated to eliminate mutual interference and adverse influences on sound quality. The PMA-720AE also has a prepared transformer to minimise power consumption during remote power-off standby and improve environmentally friendly performance.

Signal Level Divided Construction

The PMA-720AE employs Denon’s Signal Level Divided Construction (SLDC) in which the circuits for small and large signals, the microprocessor, and other circuits are separated in an ideal manner to minimise mutual interference.

Wide dynamic range playback, supporting high-grade audio sources

The PMA-720AE’s tone circuit, power amplifier circuit and other areas have been fine-adjusted to secure a frequency response of up to 100 kHz during actual use. Also, improvements in the volume circuit suppress noise in the amplifier to achieve high sonic resolution. These features and others give the PMA-720AE plenty of latitude to handle the wide dynamic range of high-grade audio sources such as Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio.

“Source Direct” function, for clean pure audio playback (simple & straight signal)

The PMA-720AE includes a Source Direct function that allows the audio signal to bypass the Bass, Treble, Loudness, and Balance control circuits and maintain its purity for optimum sound transparency during playback. This Source Direct function works for all input sources.

Features :-

  • Improved sound quality
  • Newly-designed system remote control
  • Advanced High Current (AHC) Single-Push-Pull Circuit
  • ECO friendly with low power consumption in stand by and auto power off
  • New higher quality speaker terminals – two pairs
  • 85 Watts x 2 ch (4 ohms)
  • Wide dynamic range, supporting high-grade audio sources
  • Main transformer with separate power supplies
  • Micro-processor stop mode
  • Vibration-resistant design with Direct Mechanical Ground Construction
  • European sound-tuned
  • Phono Equaliser Amp (MM)
  • Aluminium front panel
  • ECO friendly with low power consumption in stand by and auto power off
  • Remote also controls Denon CD players and network players
  • Front panel layout designed for ease of use

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