Dynaudio Sub-RCC in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofer


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A new foundation for custom audio: clear, deep, undistorted bass that dives all the way down to 16Hz

High-quality low-frequency delivery for the most demanding installation projects. Sub RCC installs in walls and ceilings, either into standard 2x4 stud-bays before construction or on the surface afterwards using the supplied adapter kit.

We can hear the question already: “Subwoofers and drywall? But…”.

Don’t worry. With Sub RCC you don’t need to be concerned about rattles. It uses Reactance Cancelling Configuration (RCC) technology derived from Dynaudio’s pro studio subwoofers: two drivers work in opposition to each other to eliminate vibration in the speaker and the wall or ceiling.

The whole assembly is housed in a special aluminium enclosure that has a trick up its sleeve: to keep things simple when it comes to specifying the right sub for the job (surface-mount or between studs), we’ve included brackets for both situations in the box. No more having to second-guess if the project scope might change.

Two magnetic grilles are also supplied for different installations (retro-fit and pre-fit) – and they can be painted too, for a seamless finish.

For amplification, we’ve teamed up with the experts at AudioControl in the US. The resulting RS 500 DSP-controlled unit is precisely matched and tuned out of the box for the Sub RCC with Dynaudio EQs and limiters. Installers can also tweak the unit’s graphic EQ if needed. And don’t worry if you're working with more than one sub: each amp can power two Sub RCC units for even more flexibility.

Specifications :-

  • Type: Quad drivers, Passive subwoofer
  • Woofer: (4) 3×6″ Long Throw Woofer
  • Freq Response (+-3dB): 16Hz-160kHz
  • Impedance Nominal/Minimum: 8Ω / 5Ω
  • Sensitivity dB 2.83V : 92 dB
  • Continuous Power: 160W
  • Long Term Power Power: 400W
  • Dimensions Pre-Fit: 14″W x 14″H x 4″D
  • Dimensions Retro-Fit: 15.75″W x 15.75″H x 4″D
  • Dimensions Cut-out Dimensions 14.375″W x 13.375″H

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