Jamo IC 610 LCR In-Ceiling Speaker


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Jamo IC 610 LCR In-Ceiling Speaker is a r dynamic in-ceiling solution for the ultimate surround sound experience. It is a very discrete 3-way speaker – made to be heard, not seen. It can be positioned in a straight line in the ceiling as left, centre and right channels, in front of the flat screen or the projector screen. Mounted between the screen and your listening position, they will invigorate any movie experience: your place on the sofa is right in “the eye of the hurricane”.

Features :-
  • DTT (Decoupled tweeter Technology) to eliminate unwanted vibration that colors sound.
  • HCC (Hard Conical Cone) technology for clear, detailed sound with virtually no distortion.
  • WaveGuide tweeter faceplate design controls sound pattern for open, dynamic sound.                                                                                                            Center plug to replace traditional dust cap, for cooler, more stable sound reproduction. A paintable magnetic grille that attaches quickly and blends invisibly in any room. Adjustable impedance level allows you to adjust your speaker to the amplifier.
  • 254 mm Woofer
  • 38 mm Midrange
  • 25 mm Tweeter

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