Jamo IC 610 SUR FG II In-Ceiling Speaker


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Jamo IC 610 SUR FG II In-Ceiling Speaker . This is a 3-way in-ceiling speaker that uses 10 Inch Woofer, two 25 mm Tweeters and two 38 mm Midranges is the perfect fit for your rooms. With a paintable magnetic grille feature, all you notice is the remarkably detailed, great sound. It has a power that can handle up to 200 watts.

It can perform as a bipole and a dipole speaker that gives you the perfect surround sound experience with either DTS or Dolby surround encoding.

Features :-
  • DTT (Decoupled tweeter Technology) to eliminate unwanted vibration that colours sound.
  • HCC (Hard Conical Cone) technology for clear, detailed sound with virtually no distortion.
  • WaveGuide tweeter faceplate design controls sound pattern for open, dynamic sound.
  • Central plug to replace traditional dust cap, for cooler more stable sound reproduction.
  • Paintable magnetic grille
  • Adjustable impedance level allows you to adjust your speaker to the amplifier.

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