Jamo IW 606 SUR In-Wall Surround Speakers (Pair)


Color: BLACK
Dhs. 2,975
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Jamo IW 606 SUR In-Wall Surround Speaker is an in-wall miracle. This potent 3-way speaker is the ultimate addition to any surround system. As a true 600 Custom series product, it also features a bipole/dipole switch for optimum adjustment to DTS or Dolby surround encoding.

The speaker’s plastic ‘bridge’ make installation very easy as you can safely use this as a handle leaving your other hand free for holding a drill, screwdriver etc. The speaker is a one-piece item which means that you only needs to make one visit to the customer to mount it. The grille covers the whole of the speaker which makes painting the product both simpler and quicker as you don’t need to paint the speaker itself.

Features :-
  • Dipole/Bipole 3-way Surround
  • 165 mm Honeycomb
  • Dual 85 mm midranges
  • Dual 25 mm DTT tweeters

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