Jamo JGS10 Outdoor Speaker Ground Stakes


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Jamo JGS10 Outdoor Speaker Ground Stakes for Jamo JL4 Landscape Satellite Speakers.


Constructed from rustproof, high-impact, glass-filled ABS, the JGS-10 10" ground stake provides exceptional durability and weather resistance in even the most severe conditions.


The JGS-10 ground stake is designed specifically for the tool-free installation of the Jamo JL-4 landscape satellite. With a built-in directivity aid arrow, and simple 45?-turn satellite installation and locking method, the JGS-10 allows for one of the easiest installation experiences in the landscape speaker market today.

The included galvanized steel 7" security plate gives integrators or users the option of added security and stability when installing the JGS-10 ground stake, keeping the JL-4 satellite secure, stable, and level throughout the season. An included set screw enables locking of the satellite to the stake, for even further security in commercial or high traffic residential environments.

Features :-
  • Galss Filled ABS
  • Galvanised Steel Security Plate

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