JBL SP8II 8 Inch 2-say In-wall Speakers Pair


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JBL SP8II 8 Inch 2-say In-wall Speakers Pair, offers any home true JBL-quality sound without taking up valuable floor or shelf space. Movies sound more enveloping within your home theater, and your favorite music comes alive throughout the house. The SP8II’s 8-inch (200-millimeter) titanium-laminate low-frequency woofer delivers exceptional bass, while a swivel-mounted, titanium-laminate tweeter produces accurate, clear high-frequency output. A proprietary Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal™ (EOS) waveguide and 100 watts of peak power handling ensure that the SP8II in-wall loudspeakers distribute sound evenly and smoothly throughout your listening area. Shallow mounting depths increase your installation options. And the SP8II’s paintable frame and grille let the in-wall loudspeakers blend into any room decor.

8" (200mm) titanium-laminate cone for enhanced bass response

Realistic reproduction of music requires clean, undistorted low frequencies. JBL SP8II in-wall loudspeakers feature an 8-inch (200mm) titanium-laminate cone that offers great stiffness for low distortion. Rubber surrounds ensure durability, while extended pole pieces produce deep, powerful bass with little distortion. The result is enveloping, satisfying audio reproduction from the bottom up.

Detailed high-frequency sound reproduction

The SP8II’s thin but rigid 1-inch (25-millimeter) titanium-laminate tweeter delivers accurate, clear high-frequency response, even at high volume levels. And it’s a swivel-mount tweeter, so you can direct the high frequencies exactly where you want them.

Features :-

  •         Up to 100 Watts of Power
  •         Titanium-Laminated Cone Woofer
  •         Woofer with Rubber Surround
  •         Titanium-Laminated Tweeter
  •         Swivel-Mount Tweeter
  •         Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide Technology
  •         Low Profile: 100 mm installation depth
  •         Paintable Grille & Frame

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