JVC DLA-Z1 4K D-ILA Home Theatre Projector


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JVC DLA-Z1 4K D-ILA Home Theatre Projector | Laser Light | HDR | All Glass Lens

JVC DLA-Z1 4K D-ILA Home Theatre Projector is the smallest projector with native 4K resolution, it features JVC Laser Technology "Blu-Escent" resulting in high brightness and long lamp life with.

JVC DLA-Z1 includes a Laser light source “Blu-Escent”, realising a brightness of 3,000 Lumens which also has dynamic light source control, unique for laser, plus 20,000 Hours operational lifetime. Additionally, a high brightness, high quality, and vivid 4K picture can be produced thanks to the new lens dedicated to 4K and the new Cinema Filter with wide colour gamut.

High brightness and Long life brought by Laser light source “Blu-Escent”

The light source will be JVC original Laser technology “Blu-Escent” using a Blue Laser diode. This will mean a high brightness of 3,000 lumens and 20,000 hours long life can coexist.

The improvement of brightness will make compatibility to large size screens over 200", and raise the peak brightness on HDR picture, which will bring depth to the picture like you have never experienced on home theatres before.

High definition, ∞:1 contrast ratio realized by Dynamic Light Source Control

Using the Laser Diode as the light source, light output can be controlled instantly. This means brightness control can be made without delays compared to the conventional mechanical adjustment (lens aperture). DLA-Z1 can control the laser output accordingly to the scene’s brightness, which creates a picture that is close to human perception.

Also by controlling the laser output when switching scenes or during signal identifications, a contrast ratio of ∞:1 has been realised.

Vivid Images created from wide Colour Gamut

The combination of Laser light source and new Cinema Filter can obtain wide colour gamut of 100% DCI P3 and over 80% coverage of BT.2020. The gradation of sky or sea, the crimson red of a rose, the fresh green of trees can be reproduced vividly like never before. It can realise a beautiful picture even when compared to movie theatres for UHD Blu-ray contents, by expressing the various colours contained in the content utilising the wide colour gamut.

New High-Resolution Lens dedicated for 4K

Together with the “4K D-ILA” devices, a new 16 group 18 sheets all-glass lens and full aluminium lens barrel have been developed. The diameter of the lens is 100 mm compared to conventional 65 mm, in order to project the 4K resolution to every corner of the screen whilst keeping a wide shift range of 100% vertical, 43% horizontal shift.2 In addition, adopting five anomalous dispersion lenses in accordance to the different refractive index of R/G/B light, the chromatic aberration and colour fringing when shifted can be minimised, resulting in precise projection of 4K resolution graphics.

New Design intended for Top-end model

Symmetrical design body with high quality, hairline finished aluminium centre part to put accent. Matt black paint is applied to reduce reflections in pitch black theatre rooms. Inside the lens ring, that accentuates the large-diameter lens, is a gold alumite ring which adds casual luxury to the model.

Features :-
  • Native 4K D-ILA Projector
  • 6 Band "Blu-Escent" Laser Light Technology
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility
  • Blur Reduction Technology "Clear Motion Drive"
  • "Motion Enhance" Technology
  • Auto Calibration Function
  • 2 x HDMI (HDCP2.2 / 18 Gbps)
  • New 18 pcx all glass lens

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