Klipsch KI-362 Trapezoidal Speaker


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Klipsch KI-362 Trapezoidal Speaker is three-way loudspeaker featuring Tractrix® Horn-loaded system for superior performance. Klipsch KI 362 is array-capable allowing 60° and 90° projection pattern.

The KI-362 features a cast frame 15" high excursion woofer, a 1.5" titanium diaphragm midrange compression driver on a 90° X 60° Tractrix Horn and a high sensitivity 1" titanium diaphragm high -frequency compression driver on a 90° X 60° hybrid Tractrix Horn. To permit use at almost any mounting angle, the KI-362’s midrange and high-frequency devices are mounted on a circular baffle module. This flexible mounting arrangement is adjustable in 45° (1/8" turn) increments, allowing 60° or 90° projection patterns to be chosen, independent of the vertical, horizontal or lateral orientation of the enclosure.

Safe and reliable suspension capability is provided via twelve built-in 3/8" 16-thread fly points, compatible with readily available commercial flying hardware. The three-per-side rigging points provide for ease of mounting and flexibility in coverage control.

To limit potential damage to the high- and mid-frequency drivers, the internal full-range or bi-ampable high-current passive crossover features the KLIP-circuit, a proprietary high-power overload system. Signal connection is made through dual parallel-wired Neutrik NL-4 Speakon rear-mounted panel jacks.

For extended low-frequency performance, the KI-362 is size, shape and acoustic output-compatible with the Klipsch KI-215 low frequency speaker system, using an external active two-way crossover.

  • Rotatable module for adjustable mid/high horn directivity
  • Compact 22.5° symmetrical trapezoidal design
  • 15" cast frame heavy-duty woofer
  • 1.5" titanium diaphragm mid-range compression driver
  • 1" titanium diaphragm high frequency compression driver
  • 90° X 60° Tractrix® Horns for tight pattern control
  • 12 suspension points for flexible mounting
  • 9-ply birch enclosure
  • Internal high current full-range or bi-amp passive crossover
  • KLIP-circuit mid and HF driver protection devices

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