Klipsch P-17B Bookshelf Speakers Pair


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Klipsch P-17B Bookshelf Speakers delivers rich sound with balanced performance with its beautiful finish.

The Palladium® Series P-17B raises the bar for bookshelf speakers, with full, rich sound that belies its smaller size and a striking visual design that could easily be considered a work of art.

The P-17B’s carbon-infused, thermoset composite dual-horn configuration is unique to the Palladium family. It consists of a proprietary tweeter design, combining a chambered phase plug and Tractrix® Horn for an extended high-frequency response; a second 90º by 60º acoustically damped Tractrix Horn is coupled to the midrange driver, resulting in precise performances.

The low-frequency driver employs a 7” hybrid cone woofer, powered by a unique neodymium magnet structure. A single port on the rear of the speaker enhances low-distortion bass response. The woofer’s voice coil responds accurately to the smallest signal modulation, yet can also handle the high power of the most demanding soundtracks.

Designed with an eye toward home interior and furniture designs, the P-17B has a signature style that blends classic Klipsch audio and a clean, contemporary look. Its unique enclosure hints at the power inside while maintaining a high degree of beauty. Next to its shape, the most striking visual statement is the zebra-grain Linia veneer available in natural, merlot or espresso. The horizontal linear grain and absence of visible fasteners further add to its appeal.

  • Elegantly Balances Performance And Lifestyle
  • Remarkably Precise And Detailed Reproduction Of Sound
  • Excellent, Low-Distortion Bass Response
  • Gallery-Like Appearance Fits Beautifully Into Any Décor

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