M&K Sound X8 Dual 8 Inch THX Select 2 Subwoofer


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M&K Sound X8 Dual 8" THX Select 2 Subwoofer is built on proven M&K Sound concept of dual drivers operating in push-pull configuration and delivers performance well within strict THX requirements. The X8 provides 100 sq. in. of cone area to move and control air, equivalent to a single 12" driver. The X8 eliminates any captive compressed air mass behind the cone achieving minimal mechanical distortion via open baskets for free air circulation.

As dedicated audiophiles with a passion for the art and science of high quality audio reproduction, the M&K Sound team strives towards the elusive goal of effortless realism. One of the many secrets behind our success in this endeavour is the fact that M&K were the first in the world to acknowledge the true importance of extended, accurate, forceful bass as embodied in the all-new X Series subwoofers.

Almost anyone can throw bass in your face, but only the M&K Sound X Series delivers bass in its place, optimally integrated in the overall sonic texture for an engaging, seamless, natural listening experience. Having invented the subwoofer four decades ago, M&K Sound is uniquely qualified to present a new generation of superb bottom-end reproduction systems, capable of astounding, detailed low-end impact and authority.

The X Series subwoofers build on the proven M&K Sound concept of dual drivers operating in push-pull configuration in a sealed enclosure for in-room response flat to well below 20 Hz with transient speed, precision and weight that other subwoofers simply cannot match. The X Series subwoofers follow the World Known THX program and each individual model deliver performance well within the every strict THX requirements.

THX Select 2 subwoofer: With dual 8” drive units, the X8 provides 100 sq. in. of cone area to move and control air, equivalent to a single 12” driver.

Features :-
  • Left/Right  Line Level RCA input
  • Left/Right XLR Balanced input
  • LFE Passthrough Output: L/R Line level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
  • Push-Pull Dual Driver Configuration
  • Bass Drivers
  • Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.5%, 300 Watts, 4 Ohm
  • Optional THX or MK EQ mode

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