M&K Sound 950F THX Select 2 Floorstanding Speaker Pair


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MK Sound 950F THX Select 2 Floorstanding Speaker is THX Select 2 certified powerful tower speaker that offers superb sound quality with minimal footprint - slim design. Achieve a carpet of razor-sharp imaging and flat frequency response in a very wide listening area by optimising system performance - both vertically and horizontally. The 950F hold dual 5.25" polypropylene woofers and ground-breaking MK Sound Pro tweeter for extreme realism and three-dimensional holographic imaging.

MK Sound 950F Floorstanding Speaker Pair features an innovative high frequency driver developed for the latest versions of our legendary professional studio monitors. Expressly built for high power handling with minimal dynamic compression, the 950 tweeter delivers full dynamic range at high output levels with an openness and airiness far beyond loudspeakers of comparable size and cost.

All MK Sound 950F loudspeakers are designed from the ground up as an integral system for extreme realism and three-dimensional holographic imaging in collaboration with any MK Sound subwoofer. To achieve these objectives, all models employ exclusive, identical 5.25” polypropylene woofers, integrated with the ground breaking MK Sound Pro tweeter via the exclusive MK Sound Phase Focused crossover

Phase-Focused Crossover

M&K Sound’s exclusive transient-optimized Phase-Focused crossover ensures extremely coherent response over a wide horizontal and vertical listening window. While other crossover designers consider just frequency response on one axis (the sweet spot), M&K Sound addresses response in both the time and frequency domains, at a wide range of angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes to optimize the speaker’s three-dimensional response.

Tripole Surrounds

M&K Sound’s exclusive Tripole rear/side speakers radiates sound from three sides of the cabinet in a unique configuration that combines the best characteristics of monopole, direct radiating loudspeakers with the best of a dipole design to deliver consistent, smooth and transparent rear-channel sound, equally suited to ambient, spatial effects and specific placement across a wide listening area.

THX Select 2

The original THX program was created to ensure that movie theaters meet strict quality standards. The THX logo immediately became recognized as a seal of approval for quality-conscious cinema-goers around the world.

For the home theater enthusiast, the independent THX Select2 quality standard ensures high performance in listening environments up to 2,000 cubic feet.

The 950 THX Select2 Series meets and exceeds THX Select2 specifications for flat on-axis frequency response, wide and even horizontal dispersion and coverage of a large listening area with consistent tonal character.

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