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MK Sound LCR750 THX Select Front Speaker incorporates MK Sound's proprietary Phase-Focused™ crossover design which makes it ideal for driver response and uniform dispersion of sound. The LCR 750 is high performance two-way loudspeaker boasting 1" polymer coated silk soft-dome tweeter and dual 5.25" mineral-filled polypropylene cone woofer drivers.

MK Sound LCR750 THX Select Front Speaker incorporate MK Phase-Focused™ crossover design for ideal driver response and dispersion characteristics. Flat on-axis and off-axis response is achieved by careful analysis of the speaker’s response in both the time and frequency domains at various angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Dual mid-bass drivers double power handling and double efficiency compared to a single unit, resulting in a four-fold gain in terms of possible dynamic range. Even when extreme volume levels aren’t required, the enhanced dynamic range and efficiency of the 750THX system ensure reduced dynamic compression even at moderate to high listening levels. The high-performance soft-dome high-frequency driver mounted at a 4.7° angle combines with the stylish, high-tech curved metal mesh grille and Phase-Focused™ crossover to form the MK High Frequency Prism System. The system provides optimum imaging on-axis and off-axis by shaping a very smooth and extended flat high-frequency response over a very wide listening area.

After taking the professional audio world by storm, as an ever-increasing number of major names in cinematic audio select MK Sound speakers as their preferred reference monitors, MK Sound has applied 35 years of experience at the forefront of professional loudspeaker design to a home surround system that is destined to become a classic. The very first product to receive the THX® Select™ seal of approval, the MK Sound 750THX loudspeaker system gives music and home cinema enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the reference-quality sound that has made MK Sound the choice of well over 100 professional audio, film, and video studios. Proprietary technologies and innovative thinking ensure that both music and movies alike are reproduced with accurate tonal rendition, harmonic integrity, extreme dynamics, natural vocal articulation and rock-solid three-dimensional imaging.

Features :-
  • THX Select
  • Phase-Focoused™ croosover design

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