M&K Sound S-150T Tripole THX Ultra 2 Surround Speaker Pair


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MK Sound S-150T Tripole THX Ultra 2 Surround Speaker is side or rear mountable speaker in multi-channel audio system. The S-150T is designed to aim sound directly to listeners deluding them real location of speaker.

MK Sound S-150T Tripole Hybrid Surround Speaker Pair combines the diffuse, spacious sound of a dipole speaker with the immediacy and imaging capability of the best direct radiators. Each SS150 THX Tripole® operates as two speakers at the same time: first, a near-ideal point source direct radiator (on the front baffle) with an MK SOUND Phase- Focused™ crossover feeding its 5¼” woofer and 1” soft-dome tweeter. The second is a dipole speaker using two unique high performance 3¼” polypropylene cone mid-tweeters (with ferrofluid cooling).

These drivers achieve a very smooth and transparent sound from 300 Hz through the critical midrange and beyond, due in part to the fact that they operate without any mid-range crossover (meaning optimum phase and sonic coherency).

In 1991, MK SOUND became one of the first manufacturers to join George Lucas and his Lucasfilm Home THX program. The original THX program was created to ensure that movie theatres meet strict quality standards. The THX logo immediately became recognized as a seal of approval for quality-conscious cinema goers around the world. Today, THX Ultra is the highest, independent quality standard dedicated to the accurate reproduction of multichannel audio sources in the home. The MK SOUND 150 THX system meets or exceeds THX Ultra specifications to deliver music and movies with natural, effortless realism and power.

The 150 THX is the speaker system that made MK SOUND “the choice of professionals.” Not only is it the audiophile 5.1 channel standard, it is one of the most popular systems in multi-channel studios today.

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