Mordaunt-Short Architect AW152 In-Wall LCR Speaker


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Mordaunt-Short Architect AW152 In-Wall LCR Speaker offers convenience of installation as left, right or center speaker for your home theater with quick and easy mounting and paintable bezel and grille.

Avant Architect is a revolutionary stereo and multi-channel custom install speaker range featuring a host of ground-breaking technologies as well as incredible ease of installation and service.

This latest series from Mordaunt-Short offers a blend of performance unrivalled in the custom install market. Featuring SmartLoc, a state-of-the-art mounting system, Avant Architect offers hassle-free installation in new-build or retro-fit environments.

The white Decor-match finish means Avant Architect can either be installed straight from the box or the bezels and grilles can be over-painted to allow seamless integration into any room.

Thanks to its three unit configuration, the Mordaunt-Short Avant architect AW152 loudspeaker presents a stunningly powerful and controlled low frequency performance.

The rear mounted AVH (Adjustable vertical Horizontal) switched crossover means the AW152 can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. This is capable of delivering a seamless presentation with superb scale and clarity from such a discreet in-wall speaker.

Avant architect technologies :-
  • CPC (Continuous Profile Cone)

    New 6.5" (130mm) CPC drivers featuring Mordaunt-Short's Variable V-Form technology offer truly predictable driver performance by ensuring controlled pistonic movement at low frequencies and minimal break-up at higher frequencies. Lightweight, rigid anodised aluminium cones are used for faithful dynamics.

  • Aluminium dome tweeters

    Give excellent dynamics and astonishing detail over a wide frequency range. A high temperature voice coil with liquid cooling and damping guarantees the perfect performance.

  • Optimised tweeter flare

    Smooth and wide dispersion characteristics are essential in permanently installed speakers. Avant architect's tweeter flare is designed to give an even response across all frequencies.

  • Neodymium and premium Y30 magnets

    High flux density, self shielding neodymium magnet assemblies offer improved sensitivity and better dynamics than conventional tweeter magnets. Powerful Y30 magnets further enhance the Avant architect's woofer.

  • 24k gold plated hi-fi specification quick-release binding posts

    A quick-release terminal design facilitates swift installation and enables single action release whilst allowing maximum wiring permutations.

  • Audiophile grade crossover featuring AVH

    The AVH (Adjustable Vertical Horizontal) switching system enables vertical or horizontal mounting (AW152 & 162 models) for greater flexibility and optimal system dispersion.

Features :-
  • Dual Aluminium Continuous Profile Cone Mid/Bass Drivers
  • Aluminium Dome tweeter
  • Adjustable Vertical Horizontal Switching System
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Paintable

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