NAD M 32 DirectDigital Amplifier


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NAD M 32 DirectDigital Amplifier redefines the modern audio component system. Combining all pre-amplification and power amplification functions into a single amplifying stage, the M32 is the ultimate amp for your home entertainment system. Thanks to NAD’s MDC technology, the M32 is ready for all future upgrades, ultimately ensuring that your system will never fall behind the times. By adding the BluOS MDC Module, the M32 becomes a member of the BluOS™ ecosystem, thus opening the doors to your music library regardless of whether it’s stored on hard drives or the cloud. By minimising both noise and distortion, the M32 allows you to hear your favourite songs in rich, clear detail, giving you a music listening experience unlike any other.

Redefining the Integrated Amp

An Elegant, Top-Of-The-Line, Bluos™ Ready Integrated Amplifier. The traditional integrated amp included the preamp control centre with the power amp in a single chassis. The downside of this was the reduced flexibility and possible interference by the high voltage power circuits to the highly sensitive preamp stages caused by cramming everything into one box. In the new digital age, these limitations disappear. The signal can stay in the digital domain right up to the speaker outputs, making the M32 preamp impervious to interference from the power stage. Concerns about limited flexibility are erased by NAD’s innovative Modular Design Construction (MDC), which allows a greater density of inputs as well as the flexibility to upgrade complete circuits as future technologies unfold.

Features :-
  • DirectDigital™ Amplification
  • 4 MDC Slots
  • Master Quality Authenticated
  • MM Phono Input
  • Asynchronous USB Input
  • AES/EBu Input
  • Coaxial Input
  • Optical Input
  • Modern and Fresh 
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • High Resolution Audio
  • Modular Design Offers Maximum Flexibility
  • The Preamp is Replaced By Software
  • Phono and Headphones Are Not Forgotten

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