Niles CSF48P In Wall Cynema Soundfield Passive Soundbar


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Niles CSF48P In-Wall Cynema Soundfield Soundbar, Cynema Soundfield delivers both unobtrusive appearance and high performance. We created the new term Cynema Soundfield to describe the system because it is more than just a soundbar or a collection of independent speakers. Much more versatile than a traditional soundbar, speakers can be placed in a variety of configurations to optimize audio performance. Aesthetically, the Cynema Soundfield’s virtually flat appearance complements the latest flat panel displays perfectly. Its unique in-wall mounting system dramatically improves the ease of installation and contributes to dynamic audio reproduction. Thin flat-panel televisions must use thin speakers. Thin speakers fall short of our standards for high fidelity. Niles Cynema Soundfield is the solution that brings the aspects people appreciate most about flat-panel TVs, unobtrusive appearance and high performance, to the world of installed audio products.

Superior Sound to typical soundbars and vastly superior to the speakers built into flat panels

The Cynema Soundfield system is designed to utilize enclosures built into component speaker modules that tuck down and into the wall for outstanding performance in any wall environment. In powered models, a fully optimized, 30W x 3 Channel Amplifier Module with Dolby Digital processing powers the system’s LCR speakers that feature a D’Appolito array configuration.

Versatile Applications

The Cynema Soundfield Powered System incorporates versatile design features that enable it to work seamlessly as part of a Whole House Distributed Audio System. Simply connect a Distributed Audio System and it is automatically selected while the TV is powered OFF and the Distributed Audio is ON. TV sound always takes priority when the TV is turned ON, even while the Whole House Audio is ON, greatly simplifying user operation.

    Features :-
    • Mounting System Allows For Ideal Placement Of LCR Speakers In Any Existing Stud Configuration.
    • Self Contained Sealed Speaker Modules Cleverly Tuck Down And Into0 The Wall For Outstanding Performance In A Minimal Amount Of Space.
    • Magnetically Attached Paintable MicroPerf Grille Provides A Nearly Invisible Look.
    • For Added Flexibility, The Passive CSF-48P Does Not Include An Amplifier Module, Allowing Integrators To Utilize Any Form Of Amplification.
    • Unobtrusive appearance
    • Easy to install
    • Optimal speaker placement
    • Compatible with the Niles wireless subwoofer system (SW-T & SW-R)

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