Niles HDFX In-Wall High Definition Surround Effect Loudspeakers Pair


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Niles HDFX In-Wall High Definition Surround Effect Loudspeakers Pair | Bipole | Dipole

Niles HDFX In-Wall High Definition Side/Rear Channel Effect Loudspeaker Pair are expressly designed for superior sonic quality inside- or rear-channel applications. They employ advanced technology components that extract the subtle nuances in recorded music or the thunderous action sound in a movie. HDFX loudspeakers are the perfect choice wherever quality of sound is the most important consideration.

Coaxial 1-Inch Teteron Tri-Laminate Tweeter With Fluid-Cooling And Ultra-Wide Dispersion For Clear And Detailed High Frequencies

The HDFX’s 1-inch Coaxial Teteron Tweeter employs a tri-laminate design consisting of an inner textile layer, which forms the dome, a high damping layer to kill unwanted resonances, and an outside layer of urethane to add stiffness and prevent breakup modes. The result is a transparently clear, sweet, natural sounding tweeter, which still maintains extended frequency response.

Installer-Selectable Acoustic Fine Tuning

Using the baffle e-mounted TREBLE/CUT and BASS/CUT controls, the installer can de-emphasize the bass and/or treble response by 3 dB after installing the HDFX to precisely tone match the sound in any room.

    Features :-
    • 5-1/4" Injection-molded TCC (talc, Carbon, And Ceramic-filled) Polypropylene Woofer Offers Extreme Rigidity To Reduce Breakup And Lower Distortion
    • Long-throw Voice Coil/magnet Structure Increases Cone Excursion To Enhance Low-Frequency Response And Dynamic Impact
    • Dual 2-1/4" Injection-molded TCC (talc, Carbon, And Ceramic-filled) Polypropylene Full-range Drivers Fire To Either Side Providing A Uniform, Sound Field That Is Ideal For Special Effects
    • 1" Teteron Dome Tweeter Is Fluid Cooled And Delivers Ultra-wide Dispersion To Reproduce Clear And Detailed High Frequencies
    • Baffle-mounted Dipole/Bipole Switch Adjusts Surround Effects For Either Side Or Rear Placement
    • Baffle-mounted Effects Cut Switch Adjusts Direct/diffuse Sound Field Balance To Provide Realistic Effects Regardless Of Room Size
    • Baffle-mounted Bass And Treble Controls Enable Precise Tone Matching In Any Room
    • Includes Paintable, Textured, Pearl White ABS Frame And Microperf Aluminum Grille For A Clean And Unobtrusive Installation

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