Pioneer A-70DAK Integrated Amplifier


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Pioneer A-70DAK Integrated Amplifier features pure audio grade high-efficiency power, fully-balanced pre-amplifier circuitry with 90 Watts of powerful Stereo Sound.

The Latest High-Fidelity Class D Amplifier

Pioneer has a considerable advantage over other manufacturers with unrivalled experience in digital amplifiers. Through extensive research, development, and component reviews, the latest High-Fidelity Class D amplifier on the power amplifier part achieved improved transmission efficiency, to reproduce a more expressive fine sound. The High-Fidelity Class D amplifier downsized the circuit and heat sink by introducing the “Direct Power FET” with a high-efficiency drive for the output element, and significantly reduced electric signal loss and resonance noise. The High-Fidelity Class D amplifier also enabled the installation of a large-capacity power supply, which enhances the rapid production and control of the quick-responding sound unique to the Class D amplifier, allowing you to enjoy “dynamic low pitch” music.

Preamplifier with Fully-Balanced Circuitry

The preamplifier part is equipped with a full-balanced circuitry which enables high-resolution sound reproduction. The signals from the analogue balanced input are sent with a high-grade balanced transmission, while directly delivering to the input stage of the High-Fidelity Class D amplifier. The result is clear audio reproduction with reduced noise and clear sound. You can also enjoy a high-grade balanced connection with balanced output components, such as Pioneer’s N-70A network audio player and U-05 USB DAC.

Features :-

  • Pure Audio Grade High Efficiency Power MOSFET Amplifier (High-Fidelity Class D Amplifier)
  • Preamplifier with Fully-Balanced Circuitry
  • Separated Construction for Preamp and Power Amp
  • Source Direct Mode
  • Highly Acclaimed ESS SABRE32 Ultra DAC
  • 384 kHz/32-bit USB-DAC for Asynchronous Transfer
  • Shielded Twin Transformer for Preamp and Power Amp
  • Trans-Stabilizer
  • Speaker A, B, A+B Selector
  • Machine-Cut Aluminium Rotary Knob
  • Aluminium Front/Side Panels
  • Auto Power Down
  • High-Grade AC Power Cord
  • Rigid Under Base
  • Aluminium Hair Line Finish Remote Controller
  • Analogue Balanced Input (XLR3)
  • Exclusive Gold-Plated Speaker Terminals (Extra-Large Type)
  • Gold-Plated Analogue Audio Input (Phono MM/MC, SACD/CD, LINE 1, LINE 2, NETWORK, USB, COAXIAL, POWER AMP DIRECT IN)
  • USB Input for Asynchronous Transmission
  • Digital Coaxial Input
  • Digital Optical Input
  • Audio Output (LINE 2, PHONES)
  • SR In/Out
  • AC Inlet (Large Type)

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