Proficient M3 180 Watts Subwoofer Amplifier


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Proficient M3 180 Watts Subwoofer Amplifier for use with the IWS-10 in-wall subwoofer, the M3 produces 180 watts of high-current power. It includes all the connections and controls you'd find on a conventional subwoofer. Auto on/off makes it easy to work the M3 into a home theater system. Place it in your equipment rack and use in-wall speaker cable to connect the IWS-10.

To get great bass, you need a great amp, because bass requires about three times as much power as mids and highs. That's why we created the M3 subwoofer amp. We designed it for use with our IWS-10 in-wall subwoofer, but thanks to its stereo and LFE inputs and built-in crossover, it works great with any passive subwoofer.

The M3's high-current 180-watt amplifier has plenty of headroom, so it can deliver that extra kick of bass whenever the movie or music calls for it. An auto on/off circuit turns on the power as soon as the M3 senses a signal, and shuts it off a few minutes after the signal stops. Bolt-on ears are included for rack-mounting.

Features :-
  • Premium Cast Aluminum Faceplate
  • Power: 180 Watts Single Channel
  • LFE Input
  • Pass Through Output
  • Phase Switch
  • Remote Power-On Switching via Signal Sensing
  • Includes Bolt-On Rack Ears

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