PSB CS 630 2-Way Stereo/Surround In-Ceiling Speaker


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PSB CS 630 2-Way Stereo/Surround In-Ceiling Speaker features a dual voice coil and dual Aluminium Dome Tweeter.

This versatile speaker allows stereo sound in small spaces like bathrooms and hallways, and can also be used as surround effects speakers in home theatres. The tweeter array can be rotated after installation to get the best high frequency coverage, and like the CS650 there is a tweeter and woofer level control for final adjustment. Because there are two discrete channels, these can be wired as bipole, dipole, or even as surround plus surround rears in a 7.1 theatre!

Features :-
  • 165 mm 2-way stereo in-ceiling flush mount speaker
  • Proprietary Imagine carbon-filled polypropylene cone with injection molded basket
  • Dual voice coil woofer for stereo, bi-pole, or di-pole configuration
  • Two proprietary 19 mm aluminium dome tweeters
  • Tweeter axis adjustment
  • Precision crossover network for smooth wide-band response
  • Dual position switches for tweeter level and woofer level
  • High strength doglegs for easy installation and removal
  • Includes both round and square magnetic frameless grilles

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