PSB CS500 Universal In-Outdoor Speakers Pair


Color: White
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PSB CS500 Universal In-Outdoor Speakers Pair, enjoy every ounce of acoustic performance found in PSB's in-room speakers with the new compact, all-weather CS500 Universal/Outdoor speakers. It's time to add PSB’s world-renowned “true-to-nature” sound quality to your outdoor living space. Engineered and designed for open spaces, the CS500 will also add PSB's high-performance sound to commercial environments, such as. The CS500's compact size will serve a wide range of applications, especially where space is tight.

Features :-
  • Weatherproof
  • Fully Flexible Bracket System for vertical and horizontal mounting and dual-axis rotation
  • Range of Rotations - 90° in one plane, and 170° in second plane
  • Rubber Cover for terminals
  • Highly-damped/low-resonance UV-resistant, thick-walled Polypropylene Enclosure
  • Extensive Internal Enclosure Ribbing for stiffness
  • Painted Aluminium Grille
  • Paintable Enclosure and Grille
  • Gold-plated 5-way Binding Posts

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