PSB SubSeries 450 12 Inch DSP-Controlled Powered Subwoofer


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PSB SubSeries 450 12 Inch DSP-Controlled Powered Subwoofer is PSB Speakers’ most advanced, high performance subwoofer to date. Crafted after the award-winning SubSeries 500, the SubSeries 450 is both compact and powerful. Dead flat to 20 Hz, the SubSeries 450 can clearly enunciate the full power and majesty of a live symphony orchestra, and intensify the ground-rattling explosions of any action film. Housed in a beautifully finished high-gloss cabinet, the unique design features a 12” active woofer that is supported by two 10” passive radiators. Employing an advanced amplifier developed by sister company NAD Electronics, and coupled with an innovative Class D amplification module, the SubSeries 450 is both incredibly accurate and musical with nearly zero distortion.

Rich Atmosphere

Designed to add crystal-clear bass to any music or home theatre system, the SubSeries 450 employs adjustable volume, crossover and variable 180° phase/delay controls, and multiple connection options. This allows for flexible placement and seamless integration with the other speakers in your system. Finally, the unrivalled magic of watching a film in a movie theatre can now be experienced within the comfort of your own home. Overall, the careful engineering and precision manufacturing of the SubSeries 450 ultimately results in a subwoofer that meets the demands of the most dynamic and explosive soundtracks. Opening up the soundstage and reproducing the atmosphere of a rich, live recording, the SubSeries 450 transports you right to the front row of the next big performance.

Features :-
  • Soft Edged Cubic Shaped Cabinet
  • Active Woofer Re-enforced by two 10 Inch Passive Radiators
  • Large 50 mm Voice Coil
  • Powerful 1.4 Kg Magnet

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