Revel C25 Concerta2 Centre Channel Speaker


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Revel C25 Concerta2 Centre Channel Speaker delivers outstanding movie dialogues and musical vocals sitting at the centre of your home theatre system. It handles amplified power up to 120 Watts to fill medium to large home theatre space. It features computer optimised river positioning and network integration, fourth generation acoustic Lens waveguide that are vital to deliver clean, precise and accurate sound image consistently in challenging performance.

Features :-
  • Derived from Revel’s award-winning Performa3 Series Loudspeakers
  • 5.25"deep anodised aluminium cone woofers
  • 1" Aluminium Tweeter
  • Fourth generation Acoustic Lens waveguides
  • Computer optimised driver positioning and network integration
  • No visible fasteners on the front, top or side panels
  • Magnetic grilles with brushed metallic logos
  • High-gloss Black and High-gloss White painted finishes

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