Revel M80XC Extreme Climate Outdoor Speaker


Color: BLACK
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Revel M80XC Extreme Climate Outdoor Speaker is specifically designed to deliver exciting Revel sound in outdoor, damp, wet and humid conditions, it is marine grade speaker resistant to corrosion from salt water and offers a flexible positioning mounting option.

Features :-
  • 8-inch / 200 mm Aluminum cone woofer
  • 1-inch / 25 mm Aluminum dome tweeter with Acoustic Lens waveguide
  • 70V / 100V 60W variable tap with 8-ohm bypass
  • Durable polymer enclosure with weather-coated Aluminum grille
  • Stainless Steel input screw terminals with weather protection cover
  • Discrete InvisiBall® mounting system with flexible positioning
  • IP56 Weather Protection Rating

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