Revel Voice 2 Centre Channel Speaker


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Revel Voice 2 Centre Channel Speaker delivers serious sound eliminating unwanted harmonic and offers breathtaking natural sound unmatched to most speakers in the market to your home theatre centre channel.

Beryllium and Waveguides

Ultima2 tweeters incorporate pure Beryllium domes, which outperform even diamond domes. Together with an ultra-low-distortion motor system, their performance is simply unmatched. Acoustically optimised Waveguides provide an inaudible transition from the midrange to the tweeter. This shamelessness is essential to the Ultima2 achievement of sounding like music, rather than a loudspeaker.

Piston-like Behavior

Ultima2 woofer and midrange transducers feature inverted-dome designs with titanium diaphragms that deliver superb piston-like behaviour even at maximum sound levels. Over-size voice coils wound with flat copper "ribbon" wire minimise dynamic compression while maximising sensitivity. Aluminium flux-stabilisation rings minimise second- and third-order harmonic distortion, while copper caps reduce inductance modulation. The result is dramatically reduced distortion and unmatched sonic purity even at high listening levels.

Features :-
  • Rounded baffles and enclosures virtually eliminate diffraction
  • Woofer and midrange transducers feature inverted-dome designs for superior piston like behaviour
  • Tweeters use acoustically optimised waveguides for seamless transitions between the tweeter and midrange
  • Pure-beryllium dome tweeters exhibit the optimal balance of high-power handling, low distortion and compression
  • Separate filter boards for each frequency range
  • Ideally suited for use as a LCR loudspeaker

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