SVS PB-1000 300 Watt DSP Controlled 10 Inch Ported Subwoofer


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SVS PB-1000 300 Watt DSP Controlled 10 Inch Ported Subwoofer contains deep bass that doesn't require deep pocket. Your movies and music have never sounded better. The PB-1000 develops more clean, tight low end than competitive subwoofers many times the price. Never boomy or muddy, your HDTV and DVDs are more like the movie theatre than you could imagine. MP3’s and CD’s are fuller and richer; fast, deep lows bring more life to the party. And gaming sound effects blow you away. Once again, high-quality components, skilful engineering and years of hands-on research and design come together in true SVS-style. The PB-1000 is the epitome of your money wisely spent.

True to the SVS philosophy, the PB-1000 has been rigorously engineered and designed; meticulous attention is given to how each part will enhance the listening experience. The Sledge STA-300D is no exception. With digital bass management, and flexible set up, it is fully armed to integrate with your equipment and room characteristics. Its effortless 720 watts peak power, and 300 watts continuous power, are the foundation of both the PB-1000 punch and musical subtlety.

With SVS, compact and affordable doesn’t mean compromising on performance. The 10” driver in the PB-1000 pumps out loads of deep and powerful bass with low distortion, for smooth and accurate performance on music and movies.

Features :-
  • FEA-optimised motor technology for low distortion.
  • Long-throw suspension for high output at deep frequencies.
  • High-power voice coil for excellent thermal management.
  • Lightweight 10" cone for enhanced sensitivity and transient response.
  • Rubber surround for durability and long life.
  • 10 Inch custom driver.
  • SLEDGE 300 Watts (720 Watts peak)amp.
  • Efficient Class D amp auto on-off.
  • Multi-award winner

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