SVS SB16-Ultra 16 Inch Subwoofer


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SVS SB16-Ultra 16 Inch Subwoofer is sealed enclosure design 16 inch Subwoofer that raises standard for bass with its massive 5000+ Watts power and 8 inch astonishing edge wound voice coil performance.

An unrelenting passion for awesome bass performance and engineering perfection guided every aspect of the SB16-Ultra subwoofer’s design. Groundbreaking technology, rigorous design and extreme testing in real world and laboratory environments allowed SVS to achieve massive output levels, extreme low frequency extension, near-perfect frequency response accuracy, and pinpoint transient response. The culmination of all SVS design advancements, SB16-Ultra represents the greatest leap forward in performance and innovation since the inception of subwoofers.

Features :-
  • 16 inch woofer driver
  • 8 inch edge wound voice coil
  • 5,000+ Watts Power
  • XLR Input and output
  • Line Level Input and output
  • Bluetooth enabled smartphone app monitor and adjustment
  • Double thick MDF front baffle

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