SVS Ultra Surround Premium Surround Loudspeakers (Pair)


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SVS Ultra Surround Premium Surround Loudspeakers (Pair) come up with stylish design. High-definition movie and multi-channel music soundtracks demand a high-performance surround speaker. The Ultra Surround rises to the challenge, delivering immersive and thrilling surround sound effects rivalling the finest commercial cinemas. Finished in premium-grade piano gloss black and real black oak veneer, and featuring a compact driver array with 45-degree baffles and a shallow cabinet depth, the Ultra Surround integrates seamlessly into any upscale home theatre.

Duet mode creates two separate speakers within Surround Loudspeakers NE cabinet, allowing true 7-channel surround sound with just two surround speakers instead of the more common four. Duet mode is very useful for enthusiasts who want to experience discrete 7 channel surround sound, but who lack the space for a separate set of rear surround speakers. The Ultra Surround also features an integral aluminium wall mounting bracket, with a safety catch feature which helps prevent the speaker from being inadvertently dislodged.

The stylish Ultra Surround cabinet design yields numerous sonic benefits. The non-parallel cabinet panels reduce standing waves within the cabinet, effectively eliminating frequency response coloration. The wedge-shaped front baffles and flush-mounted drivers reduce edge diffraction and improved on-axis high frequency response. Even the grille design is FEA-optimised to maximise acoustic transparency.

The proprietary SVS drivers utilise the finest materials and design features to ensure the highest sound quality and performance. The Ultra Surround driver array features dual 1” aluminium dome tweeters and dual 5.5” woofers.The 1” aluminium dome tweeter utilises an FEA-optimised diffuser which delivers a very open ‘airy’ presentation and extremely unveiled highs.

Features :-
  • A composite glass-fibre cone with excellent stiffness/mass ratio which improves sensitivity and maintains pistonic behaviour well beyond the pass-band of the driver.
  • A vented voice coil former to minimise air compression artifacts at high drive levels.
  • An aluminium shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and improve high frequency response.
  • A cast aluminium basket to ensure precise alignment of critical components and enhance heat-sinking capacity.
  • Dramatic Styling Yields Sonic Benefits
  • SVS Drivers - Extreme Performance and Uncompromised Fidelity
  • SoundMatch Crossover Network - Intelligently Designed for Your Listening Room

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