Velodyne EQ-MAX8 8 Inch Subwoofer


Dhs. 2,240
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Velodyne EQ-MAX8 Subwoofer; No other subwoofers in this price range give you so much for so little! The EQ-Max Series has - at an affordable price point -  mid-level amplifier power reaching down to the lowest frequencies, Auto-EQ function and remote control features found in more expensive subs. Efficient Green Amplification. Velodyne’s newly designed, efficient, digital ‘Class D’ amplifiers nearly eliminate the issue of wasting energy as heat, keeping bass peaks clean and dynamic.

Features :-
  • Maximum output and impact
  • Superior digital performance
  • Extended excursion drivers
  • Efficient green digital amplifiers
  • Digital Distortion Limiting System
  • Four one-touch listening presets
  • One-touch Auto-EQ room bass correction
  • Instantaneous front-panel feedback
  • Front-firing driver with down-firing ported cabinet
  • Flexible low-pass crossover
  • Remote control

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