Velodyne SCIWBB Subcontractor In-wall Subwoofer


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Velodyne SCIWBB Subcontractor In-wall Subwoofer (*Requires SCIWDVR)

Velodyne SCIWBB Subcontractor In-wall Subwoofer is the first in-wall to fit flush in a 2x4 studded wall and deliver reference quality performance. The patent-pending SC-IW driver fires vertically for maximum throw to reproduce the most demanding home theater and music with authority, accuracy and low distortion.

Easy to Configure for Twin or Single Subs

The SC-1250 rack-mountable amplifier features 3000 watts dynamic / 1250 watts RMS power, and can easily drive twin SC-IW subs using standard speaker wire. The SC-1250 comes with DSP control; test-tone generator; 7-band automatic room equalizer; 12-volt trigger; IR repeater jack; RS-232 control port (Crestron Certified); and a full feature remote control with presets.

Patent Pending T-Shaped Driver

The SC-IW driver’s unique, T-shaped design allows flush mounting in line with studding to minimize wall vibration. The long throw driver (1-inch peak travel) delivers the performance of a high quality in-room 10” subwoofer.

 Features :-
  • Fits FLUSH in a standard 2x4 studded wall
  • Easy to install – two box system for new construction or retrofit
  • Connects with conventional speaker wire
  • Amazingly deep, powerful bass performance with minimal wall vibration
  • The matched SC-1250 amplifier (sold separately) can drive one or, for ultimate performance, two SC-IW subs
  • Includes a standard grille for easy installation and field servicing, and a designer-friendly 5" high grille (requires dry-walling over driver cabinet), both grilles are paintable to match room decor

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