Wharfedale Airedale Heritage Classic Floorstanding Loudspeaker


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Wharfedale Classic Heritage Floorstanding Loudspeaker sets an absolute standard in music reproduction. Its manufacture follows the finest traditions of artistic craftsmanship and represents both the contemporary and traditional. Uncompromising and compete for hand-built, each and every drive unit and component that comprise Airedale Loudspeakers are of the finest materials available.

Only the highest standards of manufacture and performance are appropriate for Wharfedale statement loudspeaker, the Airedale Classic. Every single part of every driver unit and component is manufactured in the Wharfedale factory So that complete control is maintained over each and every aspect of quality in manufacturing to ensure that Wharfedale loudspeakers can provide owners with a lifetime of musical indulgence.

Engineered to offer something beyond the ordinary and to be considered an exceptional music reproduction instrument, each Airedale loudspeaker must meet a number of exacting criteria. It must present breathtaking detail and resolution. It must possess a neutral, realistic midrange that is uncoloured and revealing of the true recording. It must have exceptional bandwidth capable of reaching deep bass without overhang. It must fully coalesce its drive units within a package that is ambivalent to room surroundings and exhibits board, even dispersion without phase interference or colouration. Lastly, it must at all times sound relaxed and effortless as it traverses the broad dynamic range of modern recordings.

Features :-
  • Linkwitz-Riley acoustic filters
  • Hand wound laminated silicon-steel inductors
  • low-loss 630V polypropylene capacitors
  • Crossover component hard wired to reduce inductive coupling between bass and midrange sections
  • Ambient Super-Tweeter increases room power in the range from 12kHz to 30kHz
  • Cabinet Enclosure remodeled with long hair fiber damping
  • Reduced colouration and improved musical clarity
  • Drive Unit Technology

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