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Wharfedale Airedale Heritage Loudspeaker sets an absolute standard in music reproduction. Its manufacture follows the finest traditions of artistic craftsmanship and; represents both the contemporary and the traditional. Uncompromising and completely hand-built, each and every drive unit and component employed in the Airedale loudspeakers are of the finest materials available.

Only the utmost standards of manufacture and performance are fundamental to Wharfedale's statement loudspeaker, the Airedale Classic Heritage. With every single part of every drive unit and component manufactured in our own factory, we have complete control over each and every aspect of quality in manufacturing our loudspeakers to ensure they can provide its owners a lifetime of indulgence.

Attention to detail

As a statement loudspeaker, we ensure the very highest standards of manufacture and performance are maintained for all Airedale models.

To this end, each individual drive unit is tested and certified by an engineer. Each completed loudspeaker is subjected to a rigorous testing procedure, the results of which have to be approved by Head of Engineering, Steve Hewlett.

Each pair of speakers is supplied with full-certification and individual frequency response graphs for each drive unit - so that perfect replicas can be created should anything happen in the future.


The performance expected from a speaker such as Airedale is of the very highest standard. Such a result can only be achieved through complete design synergy.

Uniquely to Wharfedale, every single part of every drive unit and component is manufactured entirely in-house. From casting the drive unit chassis and winding the voice coils to producing the crossover PCBs and the craftsman-built, furniture grade cabinet.

This allows us to control each and every aspect of quality - ensuring that no compromise is taken and that the finished loudspeakers can provide a lifetime of pleasure. 

Acoustic Theory

The design philosophy of the Airedale models follows traditional audiophile principles. Each drive unit is meticulously engineered for rigorous use, but under normal conditions operates with around ten per cent of capacity.

Each driver is only asked to reproduce a fraction of the frequency response it is capable of. In particular, the dome midrange covers the entire vocal spectrum with an unbroken response - critical for a realistic, natural sound.

The tweeter operates only at frequency extremes, whilst the "ambient" tweeter of the Airedale Heritage enhances room integration, adding to the remarkable soundstage.

The bass driver is a revolutionary "Tri- Laminate" cone, using a layer of woven Carbon fibre between two layers of glass fibre. Fast, light and strong, this diaphragm is completely pistonic even under duress.

Each driver is time-aligned, using the angled front baffle, for an exceptionally integrated sound, crystal clear mid-range and complete absence of bass overhang.
Integration of dispersion is equally important. Ensuring that all drivers are effective, even at obtuse listening angles, dramatically enhances room integration - both Airedale models demonstrate remarkable off-axis responses - attributable to superb driver dispersion integration.

Features :-
  • 380 mm Alnico Bass Driver
  • Realism
  • Attention to details ensuring highest standards of manufacture and performance
  • Manufactured entirely in-house
  • Breathtaking detail and resolution
  • Driver Technology for performance
  • Midrange driver and tweeter with die-cast Aluminium fascia plate

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