Wharfedale MovieStar MS-100HCP 5.1 Cinema Speakers Package


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Wharfedale MovieStar MS-100HCP 5.1 Cinema Speakers Package is a no-compromise solution for those who want a small, discrete loudspeaker system but refuse to tolerate the inadequate capabilities of traditional Sub/Sat systems. It comprises 4 satellite speakers, a centre speaker and an active subwoofer. The centre channel and each satellite uses an improved 75 mm full-range driver and are made of ABS Plastic moulding, which ensures resonance-free music reproduction throughout. The MS-100 active subwoofer uses a 200mm bass driver, driven by a built-in power amplifier with a peak output of 150W.

The MS-100HCP’s stylish and modern design allows for ease of installation without any overbearing influence on your current interior, which means your living space can remain a place of style and comfort whilst providing a totally absorbing and adrenaline-fuelled home cinema experience.

Key Features
  • 4 satellite speakers
  • A centre speaker
  • An active subwoofer

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