Wharfedale UPC-10 Ultra Powercube Subwoofer


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Wharfedale's UPC Series is a complete subwoofer solution to suit most systems. The built-in power amplifier as used in every model is capable of producing extended subsonic frequencies with complete precision and clarity. The push x 2 design philosophy is unique a unique feature of the UPC subwoofer range.

A continuously variable crossover adjustment provides seamless integration with the other speakers in the system, while a variable phase adjustment facilitates perfect subwoofer/room interaction. These advanced functions can be user adjusted either from the subwoofer itself or via the included remote control. One bass unit is front firing, the other is rear firing.

Features :-
  • Line level high pass output
  • Variable low pass crossover slope adjustment
  • Variable phase adjustment
  • User-selectable sound effect modes
  • Comprehensive display screen to facilitate operation
  • Fully functional remote control for all modes

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